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A Letter from our CEO:

In my almost 20 years of experience it's clear that we have a talent, retention and career path gap for Information Security Practitioners and leaders.

As many of you know, I am passionate about solving problems, creating solutions and seeing others succeed (and setting up others for success).

So to help the industry bridge these gaps, ReynCon was created. 

ReynCon was formed to create a sense of community by bringing together security practitioners and individuals who want to build their skills - whether you are new to our field, building skills for growth or would like to build a more cross-functional skill-set. 

The Cybersecurity domain is constantly evolving, and continuous learning is a necessity. 

ReynCon assists individuals and companies keep pace with this rapidly transforming field. We provide strategic, relevant and timely training and services. Our approach is to take a holistic, cross functional and complete approach to provide a strategic solution.

Companies who invest in training and development show not only responsibility in keeping their data secure, but also commitment to building their teams for success.

How committed is your company? 


Connie Matthews-Reynolds

Founder and Chief Executive Officer




Columbus, OH



P: (614) 285-4437



Authorized ISACA Training Center


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“Learning Never Exhausts the Mind”

- Leonardo Da Vinci